Eastside Piano & Music School

Piano Lessons in Bellevue, WA
About the Instructor:

Piano: Benjamin Johnson is a vibrant, enthusiastic, and encouraging music educator of all ages and all skill levels. He believes that playing music is something that everybody can enjoy, and is extremely beneficial in the development of children. He has a long track record of successful students; some have placed highly in regional piano competitions, university scholarships, and some have even received national top honors in the Royal Conservatory exam system. Benjamin has been teaching piano, music theory, and composition since 1994. He studied with Dr. Gerald Berthiaume and holds a Master of Arts in Music Composition from Washington State University; studied with Dr. Matthew Cooper and holds a Bachelor's degree in Piano Performance from Eastern Oregon University; and studied with Dr. Hummie Mann in a certificate program from the Seattle Film Institute's Film Film Composing Program. Benjamin is a freelance composer and studio musician, and also taught piano for Bellevue College for many years. Benjamin has performed in a variety of settings including solo recitals, piano concertos, chamber music, choral music, musical theatre, houses of worship, concerts, benefits, and jazz venues.  
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